Knowing your limitations…


 Good morning fellow Warriors!!!!                               

I think maintaing a solid frame of mind 24/7 is certainly a struggle, not only for Fibro but for depression and anxiety as well. I have days where I can actually get things done and feel good about myself. Then I start to realize that I am running myself ragged. I do my best to go for a walk when it’s not too hot, so I go early in the morning.  Well this morning, all my extremeties were tingling and sore everywhere so I had to leave and go home ASAP! I started feeling weak and extremely lethargic. Driving home was very challenging. This is when I truly understand and confronted with the nature of the beast of fibromyalgia and bipolar/anxiety. It stops me dead in my tracks to where I can no longer function normally. I’m home resting and I’m just completely and utterly exhausted. I have to listen to my body and rest, although it brings me to tears when my body doesn’t funtion like it should! 

I literally have to pep talk myself so I don’t fall into anxiety or/and depression.Especially when I’m hurting. But what is this limit? How do you know when the fatigue and muscle aches/ soreness will arise? You don’t! Those are the facts! For me I just have to keep trying and not let this bullshit take over my life. If I go somewhere I bring the necessities like Biofreeze, CBD oils, Medical Mj, muscle relaxer and of course heating pads LOL! Unfortunatley I didn’t have any of them this morning. Ugh! 

I have to find the right kind of “pace” for me, I’m still searching and I do have hope to find it one day. I still miss my old active lifestyle, but I can’t dwell on it because I still need to live life the best way I can and if that means for me to chill for a day or two….so be it!  I certainly am still clueless at times where I don’t know if I’m coming or going, but I believe it’s part of the process of living life on life’s terms. 

I hope you all have a pain free day!

Gentle Hugs,

Raquel Palen


Raquel Palen

Hi guys, my name is Raquel. I'm 42, married to a very loving and supportive husband with 2 beautiful children. I've been living with chronic pain for many years. I was finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia by my rhuemetolgist February 2018. It has drastically changed and rearranged my life. I also have been living with bipolar, anxiety and depression for over 20 years. These blogs are my stories of survival and hope, and providing information that I've learned about living with invisible illnesses along the way.
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