Fibro….Neck, Shoulder & Trigger Point Pain

Hey all, how are you doing today? I’d love to tell ya’ll I’m doing great…but I feel like I got hit by a truck today!   I get really severe muscle…or…myofacial pain in my neck, jaw, shoulders, low back as well as my left hip and leg. The worst I’d have to say is that my trigger points flare up almost constantly! Feels just like knives & twisting, knotting, burning muscles constantly.  It has been rather difficult as well because a month ago I decided  to get off opoid pain relievers (as I’ve been on them for the last 4 years and it just really intensifies the brain fog that already exisits. although it was helpful, I started the Medical marijuana program, which that, plus CBD Oil truly helps!!!! Much better alternative to big pharma.  I really try to put on a happy face and try to act like everything is fine, but in actuality it’s very difficult to contend with on a daily basis. I try my best to keep a positive mindset…I take it a day at a time 🙂

I’ve come to a place where it’s like OK< I have this the rest of my life….NOW how do I live around it? I try not to complain….but as the picture states above, I have everyone of those symptoms. I’ve tried every form of therapy from chiropractor, massage, regular PT which puts more strain on my body. I am pleased to say, though, that they moved me to aqua therapy, (in a heated pool by the way!)….which has felt the most successful, because of the fact that in water there is no strain on your joints or your muscles. My therapy was only 1-2 days/week because of my insurance. I have 1 more session left and I found out I can join the pool with my doctors permission…which she signed with no problem! So I’m very grateful for that. When I’m in the pool that is really the only time I actually get relief. 

I do my best to try to stay active, but truly no matter what I do, I get exhasted quickly and the rest of the time, I push myself to get through the day. The pain today is about a 7-8 my normal is a 5 although I’ve made it to a 4 a few times, but that might be the meds talking LOL! I have to keep my sense of humor in tact also….I joke around about my aches and pains keeps me humble as well as in a decent frame of mind…which is extremely important, so I don’t slip into depression or anxiety. It isn’t easy keeping balanced with fibro, bipolar and physical disabilities. Overall, I refuse to let these chronic illnesses run my life….I feel hopeful in a cure for fibro one day….until then, I will keep pushing forward! 

Gentle hugs to you my friends-

Raquel Palen Xo

Raquel Palen

Hi guys, my name is Raquel. I'm 42, married to a very loving and supportive husband with 2 beautiful children. I've been living with chronic pain for many years. I was finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia by my rhuemetolgist February 2018. It has drastically changed and rearranged my life. I also have been living with bipolar, anxiety and depression for over 20 years. These blogs are my stories of survival and hope, and providing information that I've learned about living with invisible illnesses along the way.
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