Fibro and depression

Funny thing about fibro, stress, & depression….you never know when it will strike! I’ve been in bed over a week, due to fibro pain attacking my muscles…leaving me with painful spasms. & migraine headaches. Usually I try to prepare for this. Make sure I have enough cold/ hot packs, Biofreeze topical, hot Epsom salt baths. But when you’ve tried everything and depression sets in. I try to tell myself it will pass…but its inevitable when you’re in pain. It feels so awful to move, takes so much energy from this relentless fatigue, it eventually starts to mess with your head. I found acceptance with fibro, I realized there’s no cure… but I still hate it and all the ailments that come with it. I try to stay strong, but I can’t help to break down and cry. When you’re own body becomes a chore to move, depression and anxiety is waiting and creeping right around the corner. I’ve been two 3 doctors this week, a physical therapist that’s not making much progress with my neck & I constantly get spasms, my psych doctor for my bipolar depression, she just started me on Savella, supposed to help with depression and fibro symptoms. Let’s hope that works. Last but not least pain management. Apparently my muscle spasm med was taken off the market, some FDA crap. Now they are trying to find one that works. The one they gave me doesn’t touch them, so it hurts to move. This has been very stressful, so I’m praying they find something better. 

Alternatively , I have found that’s Cannabis & CBD oils are highly effective for pain, anxiety, stomach ailments, like IBS, gastroparesis and GERD, nausea & also other Chronic illness….as well as helping to relaxing the muscles, and been proven to help sleep disorders as well. These regimens are highly effective, but also not cheap, even with a medical marijuana card. This is the more natural way to go. Right now, I have several medical issues, that need to be addressed, so I have to be cautious as to which treatment can help me on each day. Because each day with these illnesses, everyday is different. I never know from one day to the next how I will feel or if I’m able to move normally. That I think, is the scariest feeling. Pain changed me, I’m different than who I was 3 years ago. I’m more isolated, I talk to my kids and husband, who are truly supportive, but that’s it. Over the years I became socially awkward leading to avoiding people, unless its necessary for appointments & family holidays. Even then I have nothing to say, because this fibro pain and brain fog has taken almost everything from me. I’m sure this depression will lift at some point, but until there’s a cure for fibro, I will be trying my best to survive day by day.

Love you all,

Hope you all have a pain free day and we will keep fighting till we find a cure!

Gentle Hugs Xo,





Raquel Palen

Hi guys, my name is Raquel. I'm 42, married to a very loving and supportive husband with 2 beautiful children. I've been living with chronic pain for many years. I was finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia by my rhuemetolgist February 2018. It has drastically changed and rearranged my life. I also have been living with bipolar, anxiety and depression for over 20 years. These blogs are my stories of survival and hope, and providing information that I've learned about living with invisible illnesses along the way.
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